SYBIL - Greatest Hits - 2012

01-Don't make me over 1989
02-Walk on by 1989

03-I wanna be where you are 1989
04-Living for the moment 1989
05-Love's calling 1989
06-Falling in love 1986
07-My love is guaranteed (Remix) 1987
08-Let yourself go 1987
09-Make it easy on me 1990
10-Open up the door 1990
11-Crazy for you (Feat. Salt-N-Pepa) 1990
12-All through the night (Good Vibrations Mix) 1990
13-The love i lost 1993
14-You're the love of my life (Remix) 1993
15-Oh, how i love you (Remix) 1993
16-Let it rain (d'Anthony's Moody Vibe Remix) 1993
17-Stronger Together 1993
18-When i'm good and ready (Stratoradio Mix) 1993
19-Beyond your wildest dreams 1993

01-So tired of being alone (Original 12 Inch) 1996
02-When i fall in love (Feat. Klub Family) 1996
03-It's too late (Mf Vocal) 2006
04-Don't give up (Club Mix) 2006
05-Call me 1997
06-You should of told me 1997
Bonus :
07-Dont make me over (Extended Version)
08-Walk on by (Club Mix)
09-Make it easy on me (Extended Version)
10-When im good and ready (Jewels & Stone Mix)
11-Beyond your wildest dreams (Johnnys Jumpin Vibe Remix)
12-It's too late (Thommy & Spen Remix)

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